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Online Counselling Skills Certificate Course

Learn From Home And Get Qualified In Therapy

The School Of Online Psychology Certificate in Counselling Skills presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills, broaden their knowledge, and foster personal growth and reflection. This comprehensive course empowers participants to cultivate effective communication and counselling abilities, equipping them to offer invaluable support to others in need.

An accredited trainer leads the part-time online course. Upon finishing the four modules, participants become eligible for the prestigious Certificate in Counselling Skills. Scotland’s foremost professional body for counselling and psychotherapy oversees the regulation of counselling skills in the region.


Start Date: 05.09.2024
Time: Tuesday Evening (6pm – 9pm)
Duration: 4 Modules - 30 hours each



Cost: £1200
£300 per module
Payment Plan Available.

Online Course Details


Our Certificate in Counselling Skills is a great opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and expand personal development and reflection. This course allows participants to develop their communication and counselling skills which will enable them to provide further support to others.


Each module covers theory, skills and personal development opportunities which will be assessed at the end of each module with an oral & written assignment. Each module will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their self-awareness, knowledge of counselling approaches, theories and attending and responding skills. At the end of each module, participants are required to submit an assessment to demonstrate their learning in addition to being observed in skills practice.

On successful completion of the 4 modules of the course, you will be eligible for the award of a Certificate in Counselling Skills. 

Start Date

Tuesday Evening (6pm – 9pm)
Module 1 05.09.2024 - 14.11.2024
Module 2 28.11.2024 - 13.02.2024
Module 3 27.02.2024 - 01.05.2024
Module 4 15.05.2024 - 17.07.2024
Minimum of 85% attendance required.


Online Via Zoom

120 Hours 

4 Modules - 30 hours each
Module 1 - Beginning
Module 2 – Exploration & Expansion
Module 3 – Review & Reflect
Module 4 - Integration

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Career Path

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Start a Private Practice

For those interested in becoming self-employed, obtaining a Counselling Skills Certificate can be a stepping stone to establishing a private counselling practice. While additional training and accreditation may be required to practice independently, having a solid understanding of counselling principles and skills is essential for success in this field. Individuals can offer counselling services to clients on a wide range of issues, such as stress management, grief counselling, or personal development


Volunteer at a Local Counseling Service

Many charitable organisations and community centres offer counselling services and rely on volunteers to support their work. Graduates of a Counselling Skills Certificate course can volunteer their time to gain practical experience while making a positive impact in their community. This could involve providing support to individuals facing various challenges such as mental health issues, relationship problems, or substance abuse.


Pursue Further Training

With a Counselling Skills Certificate as a foundation, individuals can consider advancing their knowledge and skills by pursuing further training in counselling or related fields. This could include enrolling in a diploma or degree program in counselling, psychotherapy, or psychology. Additional training can enhance career prospects and enable individuals to work in more specialised areas of counselling, such as trauma therapy, addiction counselling, or family therapy.


Work in Support Roles

Beyond direct counselling roles, there are various career opportunities where the skills gained from a Counselling Skills Certificate can be valuable. For example, individuals may find employment in roles such as support workers, mental health advocates, or community outreach coordinators. These roles involve providing practical assistance and emotional support to individuals and communities in need, often in partnership with counselling professionals or organisations.

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